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1. Hassle-Free Booking


Archtowne prides itself on making your party-planning experience hassle-free.  Planning a momentous occasion can be tedious but we want to relieve you of this stress and provide solutions that make this experience enjoyable for all involved. Our one-click booking option above makes securing Archtowne as easy at 1-2-3.

2. Safe, Clean, Fun 


Archtowne cleans our Game Truck Before, During, and After each event. We sterilize our units, controllers, seating, and air source to ensure that we are providing a clean and safe environment. We require all participants to wear a mask whenever they are inside of our trailer and we clean all hands upon entry and re-entry of our trailer.  


3. Mobile Entertainment 


Archtowne comes to you. That's Right we come right to your home and provide curbside entertainment for your guests. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your party needs. With Archtowne you can have the party at your home without having the party in your home. 


4. Fortnite Tournament Play


With our state-of-the-art mobile network, gamers band together in a Battle Royal in Fortnite on up to twelve different screens. That's Right, for a small networking fee, your party-goers can enter into the Ultimate Fortnite experience in the same space. No need for gaming headsets, Archtowne provides the perfect atmosphere for gaming with friends. 

5. Virtual DJ


Gamers can enjoy the latest hits on our Game Trailerwhile they are gaming. Yes whether it's the latest in Hipp Hop and R&B, Popular Music, Country, or Electronic Gaming Music, we provide the dream gaming atmosphere and the tunes that set the tone for fun times. 

6. Move Theatre

Archtowne Provides the Epic Box Office Hits to accompany your party. If some of your participants are not into gaming, they can enjoy a box office hit throughout the duration of the party. We provide age-appropriate movie titles that make every event epic. All movie features are including with our package pricing. 

7. Gaming For Everyone

Archtowne provides off-trailer games for all ages that include Corn Hole, Giant Jenga, and Giant Connect Four. These timeless classic games are a big hit with all ages and provide an opportunity for all of your participants to enjoy their gaming experience.  


8. Referral Fee

That's Right! Get a $25 Amazon Gift Card for every guest parent that books during your party. Also you can refer a friend and get the same offer once they book with us. No Limitations! If you refer eight people and eight people book their parties with us, you will get a $200 Amazon Gift Card. 

9. No Messy Home Clean-Up


Weather permitting, gamers will never have to enter your home with the exception of the restroom. We provide trash bags and containers for disposal of waste throughout the party. We also provide hand sanitizers and paper towels to keep hands and faces clean. We do not allow any food or drink on the trailer but we will provide receptacles outside of the trailer to keep the area nice and tidy. 

​10. We Challenge our Gamers 

We are not just your standard gaming truck. Through motivation, life coaching, and real-life examples we motivate and inspire each of our gamers to achieve greatness in everything that they put their hands to. We use gaming as an avenue to challenge and motivate our gamers to be successful not only in the game but in life. 

So don't wait any longer, book today and get your next epic event scheduled. You will be the talk of the town and the hero in your home. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (314) 680-9861 or reach us by email at


Mobile Gaming Theater


St. Louis, Missouri

Mobile Gaming Theater


Serving The Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area

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